About Me

I am Shirley Wine. I am a New Zealander born in the then small rural South Auckland village of Clevedon. It was a real backwater but is now one of the most upmarket dormitory suburbs of New Zealand's largest city. I  was the fifth daughter in a family of seven. I came by my love of story telling almost by osmosis.

Of Irish descent oral story telling was a favourite pastime. My sister and I would amuse ourselves at night by weaving the most incredible tales of villains and heroes and strong minded girls who would never be swayed except by the most handsome of princes and...of course we would all live happily ever after.

So did those dreams translate into reality.

Well sort of...I married my childhood sweetheart and he has turned out to be a wonderful Prince...he might not have a throne but he has a sturdy shoulder and a steadfast heart. And those attributes are more precious than wealth. We have faced incredible grief but love and mutual support have guided is through these dark times.

Born into a farming family and having owned several farms my roots are decidedly rural and this has given me a wonderful store of background knowledge for story telling.