Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When Research is Fun

The setting for the series ... The Mulleins of Katherine Bay

Recently my DH and I bought a new caravan...to make it easy for me to do research for my rural romance novels of course... So this last weekend we set off for a trial run around The Coromandel Peninsular .... the setting for my series ... The Mulleins of Katherine Bay.   Katherine Bay is a fictitious town that reflects the real time growth of tourism in this pristinely beautiful  area of New Zealand...and all the resultant pressures development brings. 
It gives me a lot of pleasure to give readers a visual to go with my stories ..... 

  This is White Star Station near Colville that has been farmed by the Evans family for six generations ... it is land like this that sees Jenna Mullein fall foul of a land hungry madman when she tries to find out the truth behind her mother's dying words .... promise me Jenna, promise you won't sell the land ....When Gabe Callahan steps in to help ... Jenna is wary of accepting his help, especially when she discovers he's a property developer searching out land to develop a resort.... does he want her or the land she inherits...
Jenna and Gabe's story is told in  Safe In A Strangers Arms ...  is available on Amazon  

When Ashlyn Pritchard falls foul of a gang of International art thieves,  Jace Mullein chooses to face the family he betrayed ...rather than have an innocent woman suffer a horrible death... there is only one option ... he rescues her and takes her on a motorcycle ride through rugged, bush country like this... a journey she'll remember until the day she dies.
(this photo was taken through the car windscreen as it was too dangerous to stop)

You can read Jace and Ashlyn's Story in
A Perfect Lie  ... available on  Amazon

Heath Mullein has always heard the old adage ... take care what you wish for..  When his boyhood sweetheart arrives on his doorstep in the middle of a storm ... he thinks all his dreams have come true ...until the man threatening Sarah Kreagan comes far too close and brings danger to his little corner of paradise .... Rata Ridge, the family's beef and sheep Station overlooks a pristine beach like this one ... Sarah and Heath's story is told in A Place Called Home ... available now on Amazon