Friday, February 24, 2012

Computerese and Publishing Pitfalls

Deciding to re-publish my earlier books on Amazon has been an amazing experience and not without its pitfalls. Despite following their instructions to the letter there are still glitches in formatting.

So being a perfectionist...I decided to have the books professionally formatted.

And in doing so I've had a crash course in computerese. Michael Zapp sent me a very straighforward attachment outlining what I needed to do so he could format the e-books for me. Well to him they were straight me anything but.
So help was needed. Romance writers are a diverse group and help is always at hand for those who need it. fortunately one such lady lives at the end of my street and I sent out an urgent call to Gracie.
She certainly never disapponted.
I now know what a pilbrow is and what a useful little gizmo it is.
I discovered there were heaps of hidden formatting thingies among the hidden hyphens..optional hyphens...tabs and a host of other squirrels hiding among my text that I couldn't see.
So to quote my friend Kris "I needed to learn my computer was more than a clever typewriter." 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Experiences

Life is full of interesting experiences and it's fun and rewarding to savour each new experience.

As writers we sit in our quiet little cubbyholes beavering away at our keyboards making imaginary people become as real as the friends we pick up the phone and chat to.

And the rewards for all this hard work is knowing other people can savour and enjoy  a book that leaves them with the warm fuzzies romance writers expect.

Today has been memorable on two fronts...Return to Totara Park has been on Amazon's top 100 free romance list all day. And now I know that several hundred people are able to read and hopefully enjoy my creative endeavours.  And to me that is more rewarding than any amount of riches...although if I'm honest the riches would be nice.

The second thing today I downloaded an old Sharon Sala book...When I Call Your Name  and that left me teary-eyed.  And this is why I keep tapping away and creating imaginary people.

Other writers have given me so much pleasure over the warms my heart to put something back into the pool for others to enjoy. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leigh D'Ansey: Introducing Shirley Wine, Romance Author

Leigh D'Ansey: Introducing Shirley Wine, Romance Author: Shirley Wine is a born-and-bred New Zealander.  Shirley Wine's novels reflect her rural background.  Shirley grew up just south of ...

Free on Amazon interview with Romance author Leigh D'Ansey

Today I'm doing a blog interview with Romance Author
Leigh D'Ansey ... pop over and leave a comment

Today and tomorrow (American Time) Return to Totara Park and Yesterday's Sins are free on Amazon.

Return to Totara Park

Yesterday's Sins     

Thank you to all my wellwishers and followers.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yesterday's Sins and Return to Totara Park are set to go live on Amazon

Have just uploaded Yesterday's Sins and  Return to Totara Park on Amazon are now live on Amazon.

Return to Totara Park
Yesterday's Sins

It's been a strenuous exercise and required so much concentrated work made more difficult because I kept crying...and at times laughing. Lacey is a four year old pistol... who keeps everyone on their game.

Return To Totara Park is a heart wrenching story of a young couple whose marriage founders after the death of their baby son and a reconciliation that tears at the heartstrings....warning tissues needed.  Set in New Zealand's rural heartland it is the story of a rising rural dynasty.

It is a romance that has it all. Mystery, intrigue, romance, and betrayal and is testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

This  marks off two items on my New Year goal list.
Mind you our rotten New Zealand summer has made working indoors so much easier.  After the wettest December on record we've graduated to the cloudiest January and are fast heading to the coldest February.  At least we're not drowning like Australia's Eastern seaboard.

Now to make a start on my next goals.