Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Year Ends

It is hard to believe that another year is about to become a mere memory. There have been many highlights of the year and some very big lows.

The lows have been the Christchurch Earthquake which is still affecting so very many people.
Along with our entire community we mourned for the victims of the devastating explosion at Pike River coal mine. These two events will forever be linked in our nation's history to 2010.
As the Napier Earthquake of 1929 is an integral part of our history.

On a more personal level our family has been touched with great sorrow.
One of my sisters is dying with cancer. This will be the first break in our family of seven siblings.
At the same time my husband is losing a much admired and respected brother in law dying with the big C.
As if these two sorrows aren't enough we've had to watch a very much loved brother struggle to come back from a massive stroke.     

But life is not all about sadness.
The cycle of life progresses.
And sadness is always levened with joy.
It is with great delight we've welcomed two sets of twin great grandchildren, another great grandson and a new grand daughter in law during the past year.

As one of my writing buddies said I'm now the family matriarch.
And I have to confess I  wasn't all thrilled at first but as the babies grow and develop now I realise it is an honour and a privilege  to live long enough to enjoy three generations of rugrats.

Next year I'm hoping to crack publishing with one of my books.

There! I've been brave and put my writing hopes out there.

Now to deliver on my promise....aye there's the quote Hamlet.